SVG export and other export problems

On the latest OG7 preview it does not seem SVG export is working correctly. Or the export panel needs to be changed a bit.

If I select export at 2x or 5x then the export size is the same as 1x. (Actually this is true for PDFs also.) I don’t know if this is intended behavior or not. If expected then those options for 1x, 2x, etc. should probably be removed.

I also noticed that the margins option is not working in SVG. No margins set at all. Again: it may be expected but I’m not sure.

… oops, I’m noticing several other problems with exporting also. E.g. some options don’t recognize the selection (current canvas).

… so perhaps these things are not bugs, but simply issues to be built in at a later date. Hard to tell right now.

Welcome to “public beta”.

I will wait for epsilon.