"Switch" between Project & Context View, like in v1?

In OF1 I would often use Cmd-1 or Cmd-2 to flip between Project and Context view when using my various perspectives.

Perhaps I’m missing something obvious, but how do I do that in OF2?

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So I’ve found Opt-Cmd-R as the nearest substitute for this function. However that doesn’t maintain the “Focus” selection. It instead just starts flipping me between Projects and Contexts.

I guess I can get used to this new way, but I’d prefer not to. I like the way OF1 could maintain a Focus while switching between projects and contexts.

A focus now applies to the whole window. And stays applied even through option-command-r.

Do you mean something different?

I think I mean something different. Maybe I’ve been using OF1 in a sub-optimal way, and should learn a new process.

However, let me try to explain. In OF1 I would use Cmd+1/2 to switch back between context and project modes. OF1 would maintain my level of Focus and the perspective. So I could switch between the views to focus on actions, and also see larger project context.

Now, if I use the Opt-Cmd-R in OF2 it switches me away from my perspective (in the sidebar tabs). For example, I will be in my “work” perspective in context mode, and want to assess the overall project list. Normally I would Cmd-1 to see this, then Cmd-2 to go back to my perspective, with focus.

Using Opt-Cmd-R in OF2 from my “work” perspective moves me to the generic Contexts tab, then pressing the combo again moves me to the generic Projects tab. I don’t have an option to flick back to my custom “work” perspective in the sidebar without mousing to it.

So in this instance, it is not maintaining my focus, as the focus is linked to the perspective, which is deselected when I Cmd-Opt-R.

Does that make sense?!?!

If you are missing Command-Option-R’s old behavior of taking you back to whatever view you were previously looking at, you might be interested in this thread.

As for Command-1 and Command-2, these keyboard shortcuts switch to the built-in Projects and Contexts perspectives in OmniFocus 2 Pro. You can assign your own custom keyboard shortcuts to your own perspectives using the Show Perspectives panel.

It’s actually Command-2 and Command-3 now for projects and contexts views, respectively. Command-1 switches to the Inbox ;-)

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Your link to the other thread is perfect. That is exactly the issue I am trying to express.

In OF1 there was a menu item that allowed you, when in a perspective to Switch to the project that contained the actionable task. This was incredibly useful when an action needed to be updated and some modification to the project was also needed.

I cannot find “Switch” any more - has it been hidden or just not implemented in OF2 (which would be a real shame)?

right mouse click --> show in Projects
Is it that what you mean?

Thank you - that does half the job, however the switch button was great as it allowed you to go back to where you started (like a toggle). I use it all the time when I needed to update a project when I was in one perspective or another.

Did you see this item in last week’s release notes?

Show in [Alternate Tab] — Added a “Show in [Inbox/Projects/Contexts]” menu item (keyboard shortcut Option-Command-R) which shows the currently selected item in the target tab.

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Thanks Kyle. That does, I believe, the same thing as Right Click->show in Projects.

If I am in a perspective then Opt+Command+R I am taken, correctly, to the project. If I again Opt+Command+R I am taken to the Context. With the “switch” button I was taken first to the project then, if I clicked “Switch” again I was taken back to the perspective where I started. This appears to be missing from OF2. Hope I am making sense :)

I didn’t use the “switch” feature in OF1, but I did like that you could option-click on task items in a context-based perspective to open a new window showing that task’s project. Currently, in OF2, option-clicking on a task seems to do nothing…

The option-click feature had the same advantage that @ccaspell pointed out about the “switch” button – you could easily switch back to context view (by simply hitting command-W to close the newly opened project-based window). It would be great if this feature returned.

These sounds like great feature requests. Please send us e-mail!

The Option-click on a task appears (though I never used it in OF1) to do the same as Opt-Command-R mentioned by Kyle above, in that it, from the perspective takes you to the project and then, when you do it again takes you to the context, so toggles between project and context.

The “switch” toggled between the project and the perspective so you could jump from the perspective to the project and back again…this is what I miss from OF1.

I shall certainly send an email for this feature to be restored if at all possible. Thanks for the feedback one and all - really useful having other people to bounce ideas off.

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Option-click (at least as it was set up on my system), opened the project in a new window, making it trivial to get back to the perspective you were viewing (by simply closing the new window – command-W). I don’t see any way to set Opt-Command-R or the “Show in Projects” contextual menu item to open in a new window. So I don’t think it does the same thing as option-click at all.

I e-mailed a feature request to restore option-click functionality.

The “Switch” command in OF1 was a one-click solution (accessible via a button configured in the toolbar). The new methodology requires a right click and a scroll to find the command midway in a list of a dozen choices.

I have a dozen contexts that I like to review once a day. I have reminders for each one in my Daily single action list (“Review @Waiting”, for example). The new methodology makes this process needlessly more complex.


I have also expressed my disappointment that this ‘switch’ feature is missing in this thread.

Both these threads are discussing the same problem, so happy if a mod wants to merge these discussions.

Also, please bring back the toggle feature!

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Merged as requested. :-)

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Does it help to hit the radio button in the view popover to switch it between and item and project-based perspective?