Syncing calendars? [A: any visible in can appear in OmniFocus]

Hi all,

Could anyone direct me to actually configuring a sync with various external calendar applications (namely google cal). I am aware you can toggle this on and off with view in forecast, but can’t figure out how to actually set up this sync initially.

Then hopefully this would reveal calendar commitments within the forecast view similar to within the iPhone app.

Excuse me if this issue is defined as clearly not ready or something similar in the release notes. I go through them but not with a fine tooth comb.


It uses whatever calendars you have setup in the OSX Calendar app. Configure the google calendar in the Calendar app then it shows up in Omnifocus.


Great, thanks.

Actually looks like there was a change… I tried unselecting calendars in my Mac’s Calendar app, and nothing happened. I found the real solution in Forcast View=>Show View Options - if you have selected show calendar events it give you a list of your calendars to choose from.

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I don’t have any calendars showing up and don’t know what to do. I thought I accepted it from my apple calendar but still don’t show anything. Any idea?

Go in Forecast and click on View… Check Show calendar events and then select your local calendars.


If you don’t see any calendar events in the Forecast view HERE IS THE FIX:

  1. Go to System Preferences and choose Security & Privacy.
  2. Click on the Privacy tab.
  3. Choose Calendar in the sidebar.
  4. Make sure OmniFocus is checked.
  5. That’s it.

You should be able to see calendar events in the Forecast view now.
Then click on the View button to choose what calendars you want to have there
(see @cpadave’s screenshot above).


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I have tried this in the Omnifocus 2 for Mac and I’m not getting a sync of calendar dates coming to Omifocus from my designated, checked calendars, nor are my OF events being pushed to the Google Calendar that I have specified.

It could be that OF isn’t adding dates to the right calendar or any calendar for that matter.
Can someone please help? I don’t want to run multiple calendars in my productivity system.


@kkathman I’ve added some notes below about how to get OmniFocus to integrate with your calendar apps. However, it sounds like you want OmniFocus to be your calendar application, and that’s not really how it works.

Displaying calendar events in OmniFocus: If calendar events are not showing in the Forecast view, and you’ve followed the instructions from @cpadave and @Thomas, then please email so our Support Humans can work with you directly to figure out what’s going wrong.

Exporting OmniFocus actions to a calendar:

If you’d like to be notified about due items on a device without OmniFocus but with the ability to subscribe to calendars, you can set up OmniFocus to publish a calendar to your database’s sync server location that you can then subscribe to in any app that supports iCalendar files with an ‘.ics’ extension.

Upon choosing a setting other than Off, a calendar containing alarms corresponding to the due dates of your actions and projects will be created in the same remote sync folder that contains your database. This may take a little while; you can verify that it’s in place (or subscribe to the calendar on your Mac) by clicking Subscribe. The address that appears is the one you’ll want to use when subscribing from other devices as well.

@kkathman: Unfortunately, you can’t specify an existing calendar to show OmniFocus tasks. You can only subscribe to a read-only calendar that OmniFocus generates as soon as you click “Subscribe…” in the preferences of OmniFocus’ Mac version.

You can also do so in the prefs of the iPhone and iPad versions, but on the Mac you can easily rename the “OmniFocus” calendar to your liking and give it a different color.

For troubleshooting the other issue just follow @lizard’s suggestions.

Thanks Lizard.

No, actually I DON’T want to let Omnifocus be my main calendar. I would like Omnifocus to be part of my total productivity solution that includes email, calendar and a task manager. So, for email and calendar I’ve chosen Gmail and Gcal. Since, typically, 50% or more of our “tasks to be done” come from Email, then naturally I want that process to be as easy as possible.

So, If I set the due dates on a task, I’d like for those to show up in my Google Calendar as view only items. But I still would like for them to show on the Forecast Calendar in Omnifocus.

Likewise, dates come from multiple sources. It’s important to me to have them all in a single repository, Google Calendar. But it sure would be nice to have the Omnifocus calendar show those (in read only manner) on ITS Forecast calendar so when I DO schedule things I can see the big picture.

Right now, none of that is showing up anywhere.

I’m not sure what’s not working for you, so I encourage you to email our Support Humans at

Just as Thomas was stating:

  • it’s not possible to make OF2 sync with a calendar, you can only subscribe to the read-only version published on the omniserver or Your webdav, given that you’ve selected that in the prefs
  • you then of course are able to view this particular calendar on all your interfaces, but only due item will appear
  • again, you will not be able to display Your tasks in a google calendar, just to make this point clear


Thanks mat-rhein. I pretty much had come to that conclusion and that’s a real negative for Omnifocus. It’s an excellent project/task manager but more and more as systems become more integrated, these lack of integrations are going to hurt packages I think. People who are earnestly trying to be more organized and manage their life demand systems that integrate task management with their email, calendar and reference systems. They all need to be tightly woven together. Omnifocus tends of have that feel of a restrictive, centric monolith that demands that you use IT as your central system. So if that’s the case, then it SHOULD have real time capabilities for calendar inputs, or allow ITS calendar system to support sharing to others. That’s not the case, however.

While I really like the functionality of Omnifocus when it comes to project/task management, the lack of ability to integrate to email (better than MailDrop) and no Real Time integration to Google Calendar or Sunrise is a deal killer.

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I think you are making valid points for possible improvements- for me actually the subscribed Calendar worked perfectly fine- and OmniFocus is one of the few task managers that actually offer you timed tasks with some way to integrate with your calendar in a stable way. Things stopped this ages ago and the other players either don’t offer any calendar integration at all or have a lot of issues with syncing tasks the old way.
My conclusion is that this way must have been the most robust one- that’s why they picked it.

While I think that Omnifocus is a fine product, and does things that others don’t it seems to have been designed to be an all inclusive solution. That’s fine for those that aren’t concerned with trying to integrate with other solutions. Each person is different of course.

I did spent two months looking at various solutions and Omnifocus probably was my second choice. However, there ARE other solutions that do integrate with Google Calendar on a real-time basis (and thus also Sunrise Calendar which I use now). Because I get appointments on multiple systems, I want them all to be on a singular calendar. IQTELL has this capability, along with built in Email and real-time integration to Evernote which again was one of my requirements for my personal system. I do wish they did their tasks a bit more like Omnifocus, but it’s not a strict requirement either.

I haven’t been able to get Omnifocus tasks (i.e. due dates) to appear on any calendar at all, but I haven’t really spent a lot of time on it. Conceptually I understand that you can put due dates on tasks and they should appear on the OF calendar (forecast), but for me, THAT doesn’t even work. I know you can subscribe to an external sync calendar and that sets up a URL (I think). I can’t find that URL but it may just be I need to do more digging.

Thanks for all the feedback and help!

If you do take the time to “do more digging”, I think these sections of our documentation are the most relevant. If you’ve already read them and they’re unclear, please tell us (here or via email), so we can improve them.

Publishing due items as calendar events:

just let me recover:

  • in OF you went to Preferences/ Notifications/ subscribe…
  • you then went to the Cal app (not sunrise) and saw no calendar
  • you then went to OF forecast, clicked the eye in the upper right corner and under calendars you checked the OF calendar and did not see your entries in the forecast calendar view (as well as the task list for that day)

as a sidenote: I talked to the sunrise guys for supporting to show icloud calendars, and they told me that it’s not planned- this might explain your trouble- check the native Calendar app to confirm your calendars presence (and the due dates you set), not sunrise- it just won’t ever show up there…

Yes, I went to the Preferences/Notifications. At the bottom, "Publish due items as calendar alarms: On date of event. The Subscribe button is white and when clicked a popup comes up. It says Enter the Calendar you want to subscribe to. It’s populated with a webcal:// calendar with my name and the suffix .ics. When I click the blue subscribe button here it reports that this is a duplicate calendar (so I assume it exists). There is a calendar that pops up. And it seems to have birthdays and holidays on it (which gave me hope since these were supposedly from my Google Calendar). However, a quick check of a task that was due on 1/31 shows nothing on that calendar .

Then I went to my OF Forecast option and on the sidebar calendar there IS a 1 on 1/31, which seems to be right, and on the main pane to the right, that task is listed. When I click the “Eye” at top of the page, the following are checked:

Show deferred items
Show calendar events
Calendars (Google)
All Google

Calendars Other
All other
Omnifocuse Reminders
US Holidays
Calendars Other

On Google Calendar, there are dates, but nothing on 1/31 or anything from OF. Dates that are on the Google Calendar are not shown on the webcal defined above.

On Google Calendar, I went on the left side an clicked the “Other Calendars” Option, then clicked URL to plug the subscribed calendar in the webcal address reported and nothing happened.

OmniFocus only exports two weeks of upcoming dates. 1/31 would be just past that horizon, I think. What about actions with more imminent due dates? Are they showing up?