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I am in the inbox and want to use the tab key to move to the next fields. When doing so, the cursor skips the project field every time. The problem occurs for several weeks, but I also find similar posts in the forum that are several years old. Does anyone know this problem and knows a solution?

I’v been having jumping tab issues since the last update (3.14.2). I hope it gets sorted in the next update.

Same Version here but 100% reproducible.
It’s working for about 2 seconds after the start of OF. Then there seems to be some kind of refresh happening and it leaves the edit mode and the focus of the field I am working in. After this the project fields gets ignored within the columns of the view.

Same here with OF 3.14.2 (macOS 13.0.1).
I did a screen grab that can be seen here.

How did you manage to go to the project field in the end without using the mouse. Shirt + Tab for going backward is also not working here

Shift+Tab. It sometimes will jump the field, sometimes go to the correct one.

Sorry for the trouble! We’re working to track down this bug for the next update.

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Just chiming in here to signal that I’ve been experiencing this, too. Pretty consistently.

I’m seeing some Tab key problems in OmniFocus 3.14.3 (v151.31.7) on the MacOS (12.6.2):

  1. Using the Tab key to move from field to field is inconsistent. If I am in the Projects perspective with the Inspector closed and I click in the name of a task, hitting Tab moves to the Contexts field, then to the Search Here field in the Toolbar, then to nothing (as far as I can tell). If the Inspector is open, Tab moves to the Project field in the Inspector, then down to Tags, Estimated Duration, and then (sometimes) to the duration of an unrelated task elsewhere in the outline. It’s not just skipping fields.

  2. I can’t change dates in the Outline or in the Inspector by typing and hitting Tab. I can change them by typing and then hitting Return, which is a hassle if I want to change both defer and due dates by changing defer, then tabbing to due. I can also change them in the Outline by entering the new date and using the right arrow to move to the next field, but that’s also something of a headache, and it doesn’t work in the Inspector.

I haven’t edited dates much since upgrading to OF 3.14.3, so I’m not sure whether the bugs (which appear related) appeared in the most recent version of OF or whether they’re related to it now being 2023.

I reported this to Omni, but I’m posting here in case others are seeing similar problems.

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