Task Due Calander URL Subscribtion gone

I noticed the feature to get a calendar URL for the due date tasks for the next two weeks is gone, I find that disappointing.

I like to bind my system with my calendar app (busycal) and fantastical on ios, I also subscribe calendars for due tasks from collaboration apps such as Asana and more, I know it is possible to have them visible in the forecast now, but I do prefer having it available in the calendar app I have to say. I view events and due dates in the calendar app to see crystal clear what is coming the next two weeks, and then I view the forecast where I have only next week tasks visible and along with the deffered ones.

For me it would be useful if it would work both ways, being able to see external calendar events in the forecast like it is in omnifocus and be able to see due to date tasks in Calander app

I would like to put in a vote for bringing this feature back.

I see there is another threat about this topic : Omnifocus 3 for Mac, Calendar sync

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