Tasks2Cal Plugin

Hi Everyone,

I made a plugin to send your tasks from Omnifocus to BusyCal or Fantastical so you can time block them easily without having to drag them over one by one.

If you’ve got any questions, leave a message.


I recommend using the plugin alongside MeetingBar as it will display the task you currently should be working on in your menu bar app and clicking on it gives you a quick way to view your schedule for the day. Clicking on an item will also bring it up in Omnifocus as it recognises the app link. Real nice workflow. ‎MeetingBar for Meet, Zoom & Co on the Mac App Store

Plugin was updated today (v1.0.5) to add support for Fantastical on iOS.

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Plugin was updated today (v1.1.0) to add a new feature - add unscheduled as tasks.

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Plugin updated today (v1.2.0) to add a new feature - ‘only include’ which gives you more control over which tasks are used out of your selection. More detail in readme.

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Another update (v1.3.0). Added support for Tim, a time tracking app.