Typing lag in OF 3.11.1 in Catalina

Hey folks,

I’m experiencing some significant typing lag in OF 3.11.1 (v149.5.0) on Catalina. I can also test (later) if I’m seeing it in Mojave as well.

I saw a 2019 comment about lag in OmniOutliner here but that one wasn’t resolved.

The lag occurs in both the quick entry box and in the main app when entering to-do items names, but not when typing in, say, new tags, project names, or search. It’s slow enough to make quickly capturing new items impractical.

The input appears at about 2-3 characters per second. All the input queues up fine, it doesn’t drop anything, it just takes a long time to empty that queue.

I will try to prepare a video that shows my keyboard and the screen delay (somehow) shortly.


Promised video:

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