Typing Lag in OmniOutliner after Mojave update

After Mojave update, Omnioutliner has a very perceptible typing lag that is not present in other applications. This is one of my primary writing tools and I write all day long so this is very frustrating. Any solutions?

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For what it’s worth, I’m not experiencing this. macOS Mojave 10.14.3. OmniOutliner 5.4.2.

A customer wrote us on Tuesday about this problem, and sent a sample document as well as a video recording of their keyboard and screen so we could see the lag.

Interestingly, it was only happening to them in some rows of the document and not others. (This suggests it might be dependent on the font/style of those rows.) And it also goes away when they restart the app, but eventually it comes back again. (The “eventually” part of this equation makes it hard for us to get a good reproducible test case.)

The information we’ve received so far is helpful at demonstrating the problem exists and some of its characteristics, but doesn’t really help us know where the time is being spent.

If someone could take a sample of the app while the lag is happening (particularly while it’s catching up from lagging behind by many seconds) and email that report to omnioutliner@omnigroup.com, that would help us see exactly what the app is doing during that time:


Figuring out where the app is spending CPU during that lag time will make it much easier for us to track down and fix the problem.

(If you’re comfortable also sending a copy of the document you were editing at the time, and can let us know which row of the document you were editing at the time, that might also give us some clues.)

Thanks for your help!

This happens to me as well. I will anonymize my file and send it with a screen recording next week.

what ever happened with this?
I just updated from Sierra to High Sierra, and now I notice a lag when dragging icons and also when typing, its about half a second to one second, and extremely frustrating. have sent through an email to support but no response yet.