UI Elements for Windows?

I was trying to create some mock up forms for a Windows system, but the only free stencils I could find were for Mac.
Are there any free stencils for Windows form mock-ups with expected close and minimize buttons, for example?

  1. Try GraffleTopia, there are thousands of stencils over there. It has a pay wall, but once you get in, most stencils are free.

  2. Windoze keeps changing. Even on Mac, the symbols have changed, eg. the close & minimise buttons are now flat, 2D, whereas in previous versions, they were beautiful 3D. The point is, if your users cannot comprehend the buttons by their placement, and need exactly the current set of buttons, there is a bit of a problem.


Yep, I went to GT before posting. Not a single modern complete Windows stencil free or paid that I could find. There were some other stencils I found that are partially OK.
I love OG, but I’ll probably just use Visio for this one.
It’s my job to give the client what he expects.

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