Will Omnifocus send notifications to remind me?

I currently have installed Omnifocus for both my Macbook Pro and my iPhone. Is Omnifocus supposed to send notifications in order to remind you of due dates on either device? If so, how do I get these to activate?

On your iPad, go into Settings: Notification Center, select OmniFocus and turn on “Show in Notification Center”.

On your MBP, go into System Preferences: Notifications and do the same.

I’ve done this on my MBP, yet it still doesn’t remind me. Any other tips?

Hm - it works for me. Try going into OF preferences and check Show Reminders as Notifications.

It’s working for me in my MBP, but I’m receiving 2 notifications at the same time. One for Due Soon and one for Available. Is it the normal functioning? What can I do in order to receive only one notification for each action?

Thank you!

I’m only receiving a notification for Due. Is there a way I can receive a notification for Available (defer date) as well?

In preferences there’s an option for notifications of due soon items, but when set up I’m receiving 2 notifications at the same time for the same action. one for due soon and one for available actions. It’s a little bit annoying to have 2 notifications for the same action.
I don’t know how to set it up correctly.

Anybody have any ideas here? I would like OSX Yosemite reminders to fire when items are due, at the precise time I set them as due. However, The only time I can get reminders to fire is when I turn on notifications for Due Soon. I don’t like that solution because I’m reminded two hours before I actually want the reminder. Would love input on how to fix this.

There is a known bug in this neighborhood, though it doesn’t sound quite like you describe.
In the meantime, it might help to set the notifications the way you want them, and then relaunch OmniFocus.
Sorry for the bother.

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