Windows randomly closing

Recently I’ve noticed some of my windows randomly disappearing. I like to have a big window and 3 little windows all in a separate space, with sidebars and toolbars disabled on the little ones. I’ve noticed sometimes 3 of the 4 windows will be gone and the remaining one is on the wrong space. This morning I just finished recreating them and was staring at the screen when they all just disappeared, and a single window opened by itself. The program didn’t crash and there was no error message. Has anyone seen this? Do you use OF with multiple windows? (OF 4, macOS 14.5)

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Can you confirm you’re running the most recent version of OmniFocus 4? We addressed behavior that sounds similar to this on macOS Sonoma in an OmniFocus 4.x bug fix release.

I’m running 4.3 GM-v177.2.0 which I think is the latest. Happened again just now, very strange. I’m going to try it for a bit without having multiple spaces going (though all the OF windows would be within one space).

Thanks for the additional details! It looks like one other report of similar behavior has come in recently - we’ll look into this!

Thank you for pointing me to this thread, @ains, and for bringing the issue to the team’s attention. For reference, here’s what I posted to the Omni Slack earlier today:

It does really sound like we might be experiencing the same issue. Now that I think about it, I think I also saw both windows vanish at one point and then a new window with a single tab appear immediately afterwards.

I also have a problem with closing a window. I use Omnifocus and iCal in split screen mode to drag my tasks from Omnifocus into the calendar and schedule them. Then, for example, if I make a phone call or get a coffee and my Mac goes into standby mode, the Omnifocus window that was previously open closes. OSX and Omnifocus Pro are in the most recent version.

Noticed it still happening after updating to 4.3.1. It doesn’t happen every day, though.

This has been happening to me a lot, and it’s driving me crazy! Glad to hear I’m not the only one. Using OmniFocus 4.3.1 pro version.

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