Wishing to define "Due Soon" as today!

There are several ways to define “Due Soon”: 24 hours, 2 Days, 3 Days, 4 Days, or 5 Days.

Is it just me or would anyone else like to see a 1 Day (today) option for defining “Due Soon”?

I have a customed defined perspective that shows items that are flagged or items “due soon”. This is my working list. The shortest amount of time to define “Due Soon” is 24 hours. I love checking things off my list and seeing it gradually whittle down, but then toward the end of the day, tasks for the next day (24 hours ahead) start to show up, cluttering up my list. What if I just want to see what’s due today?

I realize there are work-arounds (I can set all my tasks to 11:59 PM), but how hard would it be to simply add an option to define “Due Soon” to only today’s tasks?

(While the new Forecast view shows only items due on a given day alone, it won’t let me also see flagged items.)

Any thoughts?


So you would like Due Soon to have the option of 11:59 PM the same day? I’m not sure how hard it is to implement, but I could see a use for it.

Retitled this thread because it was confusing me, and likely others. To me, “1 day” is the same as “24 hours”, which is the thing OmniFocus already does. (If I’ve misunderstood, please correct the title or explain further.)


This would be useful. So would an option to define the “due soon” interval on a per-perspective basis rather than globally.

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I also use 24hrs as my Due Soon, but when I want to achieve this I also defer it to the selected day so it only becomes visible on the day in question.

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Yes, better title. I was just trying to guess how the Omni folks might represent this function in the menu. “Today” or “Due Today” is way better.

Essentially, this type of view is available now in the Forecast view, but is very limited to only that view.

Agreed to the need for this. I just sent this feature request via email.

Feature request: The ability to define “Due Soon” as items due only on the current day. Or the addition of a “Due Today” option.

Reasoning: I work to clear my tasks each day. It would be great to have badge/reminder counts that reflect what is left on the current day and getting to see that “0” is a wonderful feeling. Psychologically, OF never lets me feel as if I’ve completed my day because there is always something due within 24 hours. Without the ability to limit the count to today (without resorting to having everything due at 12am and immediately being late — I use OF to time block my day as well so this would be counter-productive, I’ll need to turn off the counts for my own sanity and will be missing out of a much needed feature.


I echo the value of being able to clear all orange tasks left today and would welcome the opportunity to set “Due Soon” to “Today” or even to also have options for “2 Hours”, “4 Hours”, “8 Hours”.

(This is my first post and I am VERY happy with how OF2 has been developed - thanks for such good progress!)


Yes, that would be great. Todoist has a kind of free form filter where you do things like (5 days & @office), which would list all items with the office context and a due date within the next five days.

Apologies if I appear to be harping on about this but @BriMercer means Today rather than a rolling “24-hours” as that shows tasks due within 24 hours, i.e. if I have a task due tomorrow at 8.00 am, it will show up in the Today perspective by 8.00 today.

I agree it is quite annoying. So a “Today” option in “Due Soon” feature would be most helpful.


Yes, I understand that. And this feature request is carefully tracked in our bug database. (And not going to be added until after we ship 2.0.)

The original title for this thread mentioned ‘1 day’ rather than ‘today’, which I thought sounded like @BriMercer was asking for the feature we already have. So I clarified the title to match the thread.

Yes, its quite annoying to see my Due Tomorrow tasks in my “Today” perspective. I really don’t need to think about them or have them in my mind until tomorrow.


First & foremost - OF is awesome! Have used it since 2010. Sing it’s praises often.

@BriMercer, @lizard

Agree 100%. I don’t want to see “Due Soon” Tasks reflected in the badge of “Due Today” tasks. I’d love to see my “Due Today” tasks dwindle down to zero without being impacted by tomorrow’s to do’s. In a project I may have 1 item left in “to do today” - and 10 for within 24 hours - but those for tomorrow don’t disappear until I check off the item for today. It is frustrating. I like seeing what is “Due Soon” showing up in a different font color of my choosing (I choose orange) in my project lists and I wouldn’t mind seeing a separate badge the reflected what is due the following day. So for example - in the dock on my mac or on iPhone app have “Due Today” badge in red above or to the left of “Due Tomorrow” badge in orange.

With this said - I do like having a choice in what time actions show up in my list. So for “Today” - leave the option of time that it appears in the badge is still good. I have actions rolling in throughout the day. I don’t want to see on my list of things to do at 8AM - my things to do that being in the evening.

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24 hours is not the same as ‘Due Today’ unless you are looking at it at midnight. Once you reach 5pm, it’s picking up things due tomorrow morning and afternoon.

I also want to see ‘Due Today’ so that when I look at it after work, I can see exactly what I need to get finished before bed and not cluttered with Tomorrow’s items.

I think I’ve adjusted to the Due Today as in the next 24 hours. Oftentimes, I have to be aware of a project or task that is due tomorrow. I oftentimes check at 3 pm any tasks/projects due tomorrow. I’ll need to make sure I’m prepared for tomorrow. But if time permits, I might just get a head start and just go ahead and finish tomorrow’s due task. I try to keep one step ahead of the workload. Otherwise, something might happen at the last minute (and it always does) and I can’t get it done in time. It’s better to just get it done while I have time and not have to worry about some emergency that pops up at the last minute.

But I do like the idea of due today only. I guess that will require a preference change that lets us define end of today as “5 pm” or some other time.

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+1 … I would love to see this “today” functionality. Do OmniGroup folks frequent these forums, or does one have to submit such requests in other manners (such as Apple requires, since their people review discussions.apple.com)?

Yes, they frequent the forums. But sometimes feature requests get lost in all the forum threads. It’ll be easier for tech support to add the vote if an e-mail was sent. Use the OmniFocus 2’s Help menu and select Contact Omni to send feedback.


This is such a basic request (and seemingly so easy to implement) it’s stunning it hasn’t happen yet (or that it wasn’t included originally).

Should we start a petition? :-)



When started using the app I could believe it didn’t have that option.
I like checking my tasks throughout the day and to end up with a clean app badge count. That doesn’t happen the way Omnifocus is right now.

I also can’t think why this is taking so long to be implemented. It’s been almost 9 months since the original request and as far as I can see it’s actually something that would benefit a lot of people ;)

Apparently, this change requires an alteration to the backend database, which would render the database incompatible with all versions of OmniFocus that aren’t updated (meaning all version 1 of OmniFocus – iPad and OS X – would no longer work). So, even simple changes like adding a Due Soon that means Due Today, can’t be done without huge implications. (Why, oh, why, wasn’t it put in the first place!?!)

So far all the upgrades to OmniFocus haven’t changed that backend database. Until they’re willing to do that, there will be no seriously cool changes in functionality. I know there is a plan to do that “some day” but nothing has been said about them doing that anytime soon. It is not mentioned in their 2015 plans set forth by Ken Case.

The work around is to set all due date times to 11:59 PM. If you then set “due soon” to be within 24 hours, tomorrow’s tasks won’t show up until 11:59 PM. It means that setting a reminder time is useless, but it’s worth it.

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