Wishlist: Presentation Mode with zoom

I’ve been hoping that the OmniGraffle presentation mode (even just in pro) would not stay fully zoomed out. On a large chart this is useless, the individual elements are unreadable. We need a presentation mode that can allow the presenter to zoom up to a single object (and/or region).

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I agree. There are a few apps out there that do the presentation zoom thing nicely including iThoughtsX. At any rate it would really help if the Presentation mode were spruced up a bit with more power-user functionality.

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+1 here too. Bonus points if I can pinch and zoom on my Mac’s trackpad. Presentation mode is currently useless with large diagrams as it shrinks the diagram to an ‘eye chart’.

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Another vote for this. A bit shocked by the uselessness of presentation mode when I upgraded to Pro, to be honest. For flowcharting, lack of zooming is a deal breaker.

But this has been requested since 2008 so…

Coming up on two years since I asked for this and several years that I’ve been wishing for it. This would be such a useful feature!! If it’s technically impossible they should tell us, otherwise they should make it happen.

Yes indeed. Presentation mode is a great idea but legless as it stands. Great for simple, tiny documents. Crippled for large documents or complex diagrams. The way I see it, we need two specific enhancements. Given the Presentation mode as it exists … imaginea large and complex diagram:

  1. Zoom in and zoom out, with Cmd-SHift-Plus and Cmd-Minus. That is so basic.

  2. Separately. Refer to Preview. Use the GraveAccent key (some of you might know this as “back-tick” or “back-quote”.) Notice the feature. We need that in OG, in Presentation mode. Therefore, regardless of the size of the diagram, regardless of the magnification (via zoom-in, zoom-out), if GraveAccent is entered, a small window of magnification shoul appear.

  • This is probably sitting in one of the OSX libraries, it only needs to be called
  • Please do not write your own code for it.

It is not technically impossible.

The product is simply neglected. Omni is clueless as to the value and utility of OmniGraffle.

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When you’re demoing a website mockup in presentation mode and the content extends below the fold (giving you a portrait aspect ratio) everything becomes too small to read on a 16:9 tv.

+1. For years I have just been doing presentations by painstakingly hiding left, right, top panels and rulers because of how useless it is to show a canvas without the ability to zoom and pan.


Without this, presentation mode is fairly useless for most documents.

Just saw this was added to 7.3. Thank you!

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OK, I saw in the artboard layer options it’s possible to “zoom/scroll to selection” but upon presenting, there’s no real zooming/scrolling animation taking place -> just a splitsectond jump to another region.

Is this actually normal? Or does OG decide based om my mac’s GPU wether or not to render a real zooming/scrolling animation?

Navigating to the artboard is one way to move around the presentation, but you have the same ability to pan/zoom in presentation mode as you do in a normal document now since OmniGraffle 7.3 shipped. Pinch to zoom in/out, and drag/swipe the trackpad to pan, should all be working during a Presentation. You can initially navigate by switching artboards or canvases, or using actions, and then change your view in real time using gestures. If you are seeing some cases where those gestures are not working while presenting, and you are using OmniGraffle 7.3 or higher, please report it to us at omnigraffle@omnigroup.com. I am not aware of any known issues since OmniGraffle 7.3 in this area.