Working with Pattern Fills

Hi, I’m creating some templates for Cornell Notes and having trouble with pattern fills in shapes. Please help:

  1. Is there a way to edit the default patterns, e.g., so that we can change the distance between the shapes in the patterns, size of grid, etc?

  2. What is the best way to, for example, fill a pattern with dots or crosses, etc.?




OG Facility

First the approach, or generic answer, then the specifics in your question.

I will answer for OG V5.4.4, which is what I use. I am sure the current release has the same facility, but the GUIs have changed, you just have to figure it out.

In the ColourPicker, the sixth icon (method) provides the Fill Patterns.
I will assume you have gotten this far (with the equivalent GUI in the current release):

  • It has a variety of patterns (left)
  • with a choice of colour for foreground/background
  • with a ColourWheel for each (Saturation, Opacity)
  • red foreground and blue background shown for contrast

Specific Answer

1 Use Fixed Set of Patterns

Not precisely, but indirectly. I am limited to:

  • the fixed set of patterns on the left, which include different distance between the items in the patterns

  • changing the Saturation/Opacity on the Colours, such that I emphasise this or that, in order to obtain the effect that I want

The dots and crosses and diagonals are already there in the Fixed Set of Patterns, but with fixed distance between the items, therefore, in the first instance, use that.

2 Make a Pattern File

If you want something beyond that … which really means dots or crosses or anything, of (a) a particular size, and (b) a particular distance between, I would:

  • make a pattern file
    • you have total control of the Shapes; Fill; Stroke; position; etc
    • eg. I have used stars, with a particular size (3.6 x 3.6cm), and a distance between that is staggered
    • eg. a large canvas size (this is A2 or 17 x 22in for our American friends), because want a reasonable size when drawing; positioning; etc, but we will reduce it when we use it
  • save it as a PDF document
  • SetImage into the target Shape, which allows scale; tiling; etc.
  • this uses the linked file, with the Image set to NaturalSize, Scale of 30% and 15%


Many thanks! This worked perfectly.

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