Displaying Line Length


I need a quick tutorial for creating a line which displays the length in the proper unit scale. When I change a line endpoint, it will update the length correctly. I have searched with google and found something that mentions using <%Length%> but I can never figure out how to create a text box for a line to put that in. So I’m going to need a step by step guide for dummies on this.



Nevermind. I figured it out! The trick, to me anyway, is to click on the text tool and then click on the center of the line. Then a text box is created on the line which says “Line Label”. Put “<%Length%>” in there and the correct length is displayed.


Thanks for this clarification!
Is there a way to define # of digits?


I’d also like to know…
The solution I used was to have “%LENGTH%” and then replace it with the measures I wanted, e.g. “100.085 cm” by “100”
Rather frustrating, as I would like to define both accuracy and units (cm/m)


some news here about changing the number of digits?