Hide object underneath a transparent object

I have two objects, one with a Solid Fill but the opacity is very low because that is the color I want for the fill.

The second object I want underneath the low-opacity object, but I don’t want it to be seen through the first object. I want the first object to completely hide whatever parts of the second object are underneath it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


When one draws anything that is even slightly complex, or one requires great-looking diagrams, using a great tool such as OG, there are a few basic Methods that need to be learned. One might say, before building a house or software, one has to build tools.

Semi-transparent colours are definitely more attractive. This is a fairly common requirement, so I will give it detailed treatment. Most of my diagrams are complex architecture-type diagrams: I do this on all my Shapes, regardless of how I am going to use them (the diagrams are subject to updates).

Handling a Semi-Transparent Shape

We need to make a a backing for such a Shape. Study the overlapped areas in each step, carefully. The background is set to LightGrey 25%, in order to emphasise the problem.

Once you finalise such a Shape, put it in a Stencil. It is easy to change a rectangle to a circle, etc.


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Thank you! This is perfect.

Is there a repository of such Methods available somewhere?

I find myself googling OmniGraffle questions and always arrive at the same YouTube videos or random forum topics that don’t quite address my original question.

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You are most welcome.

Not really.

  • In the old days, we had a very active community & forum, that has been archived. It is still available and can be searched.
  • the new forum is this one
    • You can search for topics … but that is affected by people choosing good subject titles, or not
    • it is not as busy as it used to be, but it is still the one and only OG Forum
  • look up the Stencils
    1. from the app itself, which is the new OmniGroup providing facility
    2. from GraffleTopia, which was the previous facility (it has a pay wall or Stencil contribution requirement)
    • a word of warning, don’t get lost in the squillions of stancils, some are better than others
  • there is also the distinction between OmniGraffle Methods and Drawing Basics, the latter being relevant to newbies, without regard to a particular product

For starters, learn to use the Grid, and Scale.

The best bet is to search this forum.

Another option, if you like my answers: go to my profile page, choose Replies, and grab anything that interests you.