How to Tag a Project but NOT the tasks in the project?

I would love to be able to tag a project, but not have it cascade down to the tasks, but just stay at the project level. Is this possible?

I use Single Action Lists that are organized in Folders to represent “Inboxes” for different areas of my life. I would like to use that inbox also as a status meter of sorts for that area of my life.

For example, Household. I like moving things to my “Household” Single Action list. I would like to apply a tag to that list that tells me the status of how I feel about that area. Something like “needs work” or “good” could be status-related tags.

I have found that tagging a project tags all new task inside that project. I understand why this is, but I would love to NOT have it to that and only stay at the project level.

Is this possible?

If I could accomplish this, it would significantly improve my review process. I could see not only the tasks in every inbox area of my life, but also the status of that area.

If there is a way to tag projects, but not its tasks, I would love to know about it!

Thanks so much!

No it’s one of those not possible things, now watch someone tell me different 😬

One solution could be to add notes to the project or append a temporary code to the title (1) (2) etc.

Thanks for the reply! I didn’t think so either, just wanted to check.

As far as I know it’s not possible to avoid having a project tag added to a new action in the project. It is, however, possible to delete the tag after creating the new action. I don’t know if it would be possible to automate the deleting part.

Thanks @brianogilvie. I think I may need to rethink my strategy. Appreciate the response, but I think having to remove the tag would become aggravating after awhile, though it would accomplish the result, for sure.

Hi @bodieq – while browsing another thread (Inherited Tags OF) I was reminded that OF only adds the project’s tag if you don’t enter another tag when you add the action. So if you create a new action by hitting return in the project, it adds the project tag by default, and if you add from Quick Entry without a tag, it also adds the project tag. But if you use Quick Entry and include at least one tag, it doesn’t add the project tag. Just tested on OF 3.11.7 on my Mac.

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It is possible to automate the deleting part (I was doing this for a while and running it on a schedule) but it’s a bit of a nuisance.

As a workaround, I use emoji in the project name (you can also put something in the project note, and of course it doesn’t need to be emoji, could be a #tag or something else unique) and use the “search” parameter to create custom perspectives based on this.

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Thanks @kaitlin, Appreciate the response. Both of your suggestions are great! I had never considered using emoji in the name, but that could work.

I guess I was just really hoping that I could finally tag projects. I used to use the Notes field hack to accomplish this (like you mentioned), but I was hoping to not have to do that. I think I may go the emoji route, so thank you for that idea.

I don’t use emojis for anything, how do you insert them on macOS?

Command + Ctrl + Space, though I also have a couple set up as TextExpander snippets.

It would be great if macOS had the same feature as Slack: you type “:” followed by the emoji name and get some suggestions to select.

In the meantime, I’ve added text expansion in System Preferences/Keyboard/Text for my must-have emojis, which work across iOS via icloud . 😀

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Hey @Jasp There is a Mac App that does this if you are interested

I was about to say that Rocket interferes with Finder searches (when you use colons to create ‘tokens’), then I realised that you can exclude apps from Rocket. Nice. This still happens in Spotlight, which can’t be excluded because it isn’t a proper app, so I guess I’ll use the Rocket option to use a different Trigger Key; maybe “;”.

Thanks, I like it already & think that it will get used often—especially as I’ve taken to using Emojis in a lot of file/folder names.

Another possibility that I’ve used in the past is to put some “#something” text in the note field of the project.

It’s obviously not inherited by sub-tasks and you can add a “Matches search terms”: “#something” in a perspective.

It’s not as convenient as tags but gives you an entire new domain of tagging that doesn’t interfere with “real” tags.


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