Keyboard shortcut

Is there no keyboard shortcut to quickly defer a task either by a fixed period or to go to a window where you can input something?

Is this what you’re looking for, @alper ?

That post is 11 years old, BTW.

The ability to have buttons with eg “Due +2 weeks” and “Due +4 weeks” would be handy - particularly on iPhone.

@Sal shared this plugin on the Omni Slack channel a while back. Works pretty well!

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FWIW, a while ago I did this Plug-In:

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@unlocked2412 @deaghean @kcase I’m hoping the redesigned UI for OmniFocus allows for a small amount of custom buttonry. So that scripts like these can be run easily on an iPhone.

An alternative would be some built in optional buttons: Commonly I want +1d +1w +2w +4w +1m +1y as I “abuse” :-) Due Dates. Others might want eg +3w or +3m.

Scripts are nice - and thanks to you two for them - but they are today harder to kick off than a single button.

Happy to discuss further.

There’s no built-in action for this that I could add a shortcut for?

@MartinPacker, is it the size of the button you would like to increase ? Or, your suggestion is about having the option of modifying default UI buttons ? Perhaps, sharing a screenshot of the issue would help.

I want more buttons. I use all the ones there now but there are other common Due Date bumps I want to make quicker.

Not to be too prescriptive of the solution but a UI on the phone that allows push buttons to be defined that kick off automation is what I have in mind.

@MartinPacker How about the following which is possible today and would get closer to what you want on iPhone: a single automation action which appears in the share sheet and displays a dialog for selection of the interval from your custom list.

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That’s not a bad accommodation. Thanks for the idea.

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Something like this ?

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Yes, though those are built in. What did you make those with? Scriptable? And, nitpicking, I wouldn’t be using toggles like that but rather a menu.

I’ll play with this idea.

No, this is a dialog made with OmniFocus OmniJS Automation. The image was taken with OF iPhone version.

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Perhaps, using the class Form.Field.MultipleOptions to achieve this kind of dialog:

Screenshot 2021-04-24 at 11.26.28

Screenshot from macOS OF version.

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That looks nice. Is there a variant where just selecting one immediately executes?

And, how do I make a plugin that works off the share sheet using OmniJS? Which is what appears to be happening here.

Solitary actions, as far as I know, automatically appear in the share sheet.

Depending on your validate function, of course. I mean, if you set a restriction to show the plug-in if the number of selected tasks is greater than zero, then that plug-in is not going to appear in the sheet if no tasks are selected.

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I think there isn’t a variant like that. You could make separate plug-ins for each one of your most used options, though. Like I did in one of my plug-ins.

I should note that I grouped all those options in a single Plug-In bundle.

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And just to add to that, I believe now using a plugin bundle is no longer necessary; you can simply stick them in a folder and they will be grouped in the same menu 👍

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