OmniFocus 3 - Top feature requests


Maybe a simple request, but Things 3’s maildrop clone somehow attaches a reference link to the email to the task.

Really really helpful. Would love to see it implemented in OF3.


Thanks for your information @sander1!
I should have made it clear that I meant this for iOS version of OF, as I exclusively use the iOS version, and not the Mac version.
Nonetheless, thanks for pointing that out.


My fingers are crossed that the limited OF3 Web interface is “good enough” for most users. It’s a good start, at least.

I remove ToDoist from my iOS devices and will deal with having to pull out my phone to look at task while I’m at work ( Windows-only environment ) .


Another few things I wanted to add to my previous comment:

  • I would love for OmniFocus to get some sort of quick-entry (a-la Fantastical or Todoist), using the TaskPaper syntax that they already have for automation. It’s nuts that I can more quickly create multiple to-do’s by exporting from the Drafts app via the TaskPaper syntax rather than creating the task in OmniFocus itself, and I hope that the process for entering tasks can be improved in OmniFocus 3.
  • I really want to see the time entry (for due and defer dates) improved. I get that the default controls that Apple provides are there and easy to implement, but man do they leave a lot to be desired. Picking dates from a calendar-like month-view would be great, incrementing/decrementing times like Due would be fantastic, etc. etc. There are plenty of other apps that solve Apple’s poor time entry implementations and I would love for OF 3 to improve on the defaults as well.

If I think of anything else I’ll be sure to post them here.


One of the main drawbacks of OF 2 is that I have to define what duesoon means for the whole app. This should be a perspective specific feature. For instance, I should be able to create a perspective where I show only tasks due 1 day. Then another perspective with only tasks due 1 week. And another perspective with all tasks with a due date… and so on. There’s no reason to force one to define how to filter due dates for the whole OF.


I might find a way to use what ‘soon’ means in different projects or contexts, though I do not have a compelling need. I am curious why you miss it in contexts more than in projects or in perspectives.


My top three:

  1. Summarizing Estimated Duration in grouped items and perspectives as summarized here.
  2. Conditional background highlighting of task items. So, for example, if you had a #high_priority tag, the background could be shaded automatically. This would mean that instead #high_priority requiring its own list or group, #high_priority items could be highlighted in every group it’s in.
  3. Mac Version and iPad version: Forecast perspective uses multiple columns with reorderable rows (similar to how Trello functions) for better use of horizontal space for those wide monitors we all have.


I definitely agree defer/due date entry could use improvement on iOS. I’m now typically using my iPad with the smart keyboard, so ideally this would look like an improved touch interface, along with an option for keyboard inputs if one is attached. It seems that entering date and time information with a keyboard is always going to be faster than any touch interface.


Based on the roadmap, true smart folder functionality in perspectives would be the most useful, hands down. Some type of GUI to create conditions based on and’ing/or’ing rules. I say this because of the interaction between projects and tags. Unless every task is in one project and tags are used to differentiate projects, I need perspectives to be able to say “this project” OR “this set of tags”. Otherwise the potential of tags will not be realized.


My top request is better note taking functionality. Even this forum posting input allows more and easier formatting.



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Should I wait for OF3 to process 950 Inbox items? (Update: I don't want to hit 1k)

Just curious—are you scoffing at the size of his inbox or the fact that he wants to wait until OF3 to process it?


I wrote context, but I meant perspective. I want to create a due in a month perspective for instance, and that’s currently impossible, which is just silly.


Drop tasks would be awesome.

Should I wait for OF3 to process 950 Inbox items? (Update: I don't want to hit 1k)

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Glad to see this is coming!
Ken just tweeted about this:


Any chance we will be able to pin a favorite tag to the home screen on iOS for quick access similar to how we can currently pin perspectives?


I really really hope there is manual sorting too. Except in projects where tasks are dependent, this would be tremendously useful and I too end up looking for awkward work-arounds. The other thing I’m hoping for strongly is the ability to colour code all items from each folder.

Can’t wait to try both the iPhone and the mac versions! Keep up the great work Omni developers!


Second on the coloring. I’m hoping that we can assign background colors to tags. So, for example, there might be a light yellow background that I might assign to #HighPriority. That way, rather than having to create a separate list for #HighPriority tasks, I could see those tasks called out in all my lists with the use of color.


You can add one tag to the Forecast view which gives you an easy overview.