Upgrade discounts for OmniFocus 2? [A: Yes. See thread.]

How will the upgrade plan look? I purchased OmniFocus 1.x through the App Store. Will I have to pay full price to upgrade to OmniFocus 2 or will there be some sort of a discount?


Mac App Store customers who have purchased both OmniFocus 1 and OmniFocus 2 from the Mac App Store will receive a free upgrade from Standard to Pro, making their upgrade price $39.99 (half the price of OmniFocus 1).

(And before someone asks about upgrade pricing on Omni’s online store…)

Customers who purchased OmniFocus 1 directly from our online store will be eligible for a 50% discount when upgrading to OmniFocus 2 on our store. This means they will be able to upgrade to the Standard edition of OmniFocus 2 for $19.99, or to the Pro edition for $39.99.


I purchased OmniFocus 1 Pro. Does it mean, that when OmniFocus 2 (both Standard and Pro) is released in Mac App Store, I should buy OmniFocus 2 Standard? How exactly will I then be able to upgrade it to Pro???

Here’s the plan:
OmniFocus 2 will be a single app on the Mac App Store, available for $39.99 (or equivalent in your local currency). Then, you can access Pro via In-App Purchase. If it can find a valid OmniFocus 1 from the Mac App Store on your computer, you can “purchase” Pro for free. Otherwise, it’s $39.99.


@kcase, @lizard, I think it is important to mention that there is a free upgrade available, also (but limited to those who purchased OF1 from the online store - and after the OF2 announcement date of 2-1-13)

From http://www.omnigroup.com/blog/debut-of-omnifocus-2

What if I don’t own OmniFocus already? What should I buy today, and where should I buy it?

From now on, anyone who purchases OmniFocus 1 from our online store
will receive a free upgrade to the Professional edition of OmniFocus 2
when it ships.


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I just want to thank Omni for making the effort with an upgrade option for Mac App Store customers that is comparable to the Omni Store pricing.

Had I known about all this when purchasing v1, I wouldn’t have touched the Mac App store with a barge-pole and I wish I could convert my licence to a Omni Store licence.

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I uninstalled OmniFocus 1 to avoid any conflicts with OmniFocus 2 I have been testing. Do I need to reinstall it? If so, do I need to uninstall the latest OmniFocus 2 Beta before re-installing OmniFocus 1 from Mac App Store?

You will need to have your Mac App store version of OmniFocus 1 installed on your Mac when you do the in-app purchase to upgrade to Pro. There should not be any issue with having OmniFocus 1 and OmniFocus 2 installed at the same time. (Other than the archive issues mentioned here which shouldn’t affect you if you’re no longer archiving from OmniFocus 1.)

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I was dreading what the price would be, but this seems very reasonable and I will be going for the Pro version.

Well done guys.


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Will there be Education Pricing for OmniFocus 2? I am a teacher, and have used the OmniGroup Store for Education in the past. Thanks!

Yes, we will continue to offer volume discounts through our standard online store, and educational discounts through our Education Store.

Quick clarification on upgrading an educational license; is the upgrade price the same, regardless of the version of OF 1?

I have a pre-App Store OF 1 license (I have been using since pre-1.0.) If I understand correctly, I will not be able to purchase Omnifocus 2 Pro from the App Store at the discount price, because I do not have an App Store license for Omnifocus 1. Accordingly, I need to buy Omnifocus 2 directly from Omni in order to get the pro version for the discounted price. Is that correct?

The upgrade price depends on the store you purchase your upgrade in, not on what kind of license you had for OmniFocus 1.

Example: if you bought OmniFocus 1 while you were in school but have now graduated, we’d request that you purchase your license upgrade on the standard store. If you bought your OmniFocus 1 license on the standard store but now qualify for the educational discount for whatever reason - went back to school, started working at one, etc - you’re welcome to purchase your upgrade on the edu store.

(v1 didn’t have Standard or Pro editions like 2 does, so I assumed that wasn’t what you were referring to in your question. If I got that wrong, let us know. :-)

That’s correct; we’ve made Apple aware that some of our direct customers would like to switch to their store, but they haven’t yet provided a method of actually doing so.



I purchased OmniFocus 1 from Mac app store because I have a gift card from apple.

As I am a student, is it any way for me to upgrade to OF2 with the education price?

Thanks in advance.

I purchased v1 from the App Store, but uninstalled it during the beta testing phase of v2. Now that v2 is released, the App Store is no longer making v1 available for download. As such, I am not able to ‘verify’ my previous purchase?

Is there any workaround to this issue? I’ll wait 24/48 hours - then probably pull the pin and pay for the Pro upgrade anyway if there is no response. AU$50 isn’t going to break the bank, but if there is a solution - I am sure I can think of other uses for that $50 :)


You can still download OmniFocus 1 from the Purchases tab in the App Store. Once you’ve used it to validate your Pro upgrade, you can delete it again.

Hope this helps!

We only offer educational pricing for direct purchases, and we are not allowed to offer upgrade discounts on our store based on purchases originally made on the Mac App Store. So, you have two options:

  1. Purchase OmniFocus 2 from the Mac App Store ($39.99 or equivalent), and get the free in-app purchase of the Pro features.
  2. Purchase OmniFocus 2 from our Edu store ($24.99 for Standard or $49.99 for Pro) and be eligible for educational upgrade pricing when OmniFocus 3 rolls around.

Alright, I was hoping I wouldn’t be alone but maybe I am the first one to bungle this up and buy the standard version 2 from the App Store for $40 after I bought my version 1 from OmniGroup directly… is there any recourse for this or did I just lose that hard-earned $40?

… And if it turns out that I am SOL, then which one would I upgrade? Is there any reason I would choose Omni over the App Store or visa-versa? (it’s another $40 either way)

Thanks in advance,