Multiple selection of grouped objects


Am I right that there is no way in OmniGraffle to select multiple objects at once if such objects are within groups? As in: create on oval and a rectangle, then group them; duplicate the group. Now I want to select the two ovals: is that possible?

Am I the only one who finds this a much needed feature?


The easiest way is in the sidebar. Expand the group, in the Layer’s sidebar, then hold shift and select the objects you want. Use Command if the items you want to select aren’t right next to each other.

You can also click twice to select objects inside of a group, and with the same modifier keys add to the selection.


Sorry, I haven’t explained myself clearly enough. I meant, you cannot select objects in different groups at the same time, can you?


No, you can’t at the same time. Sorry. As far as I know, that isn’t possible.


My use case is as follows: I have a few groups, each one containing, say, a rectangle (plus other objects). Currently, if I want to change a property of such rectangles (say, adding a shadow to all of them, or change the stroke width), I have to select each rectangle inside each group one by one and change the property of interest. It would be nice if I could select all of them (ideally, in the Selection tab in the left sidebar).


It would be a great to be able to select inside of groups with the selection sidebar. Everyone who would like to see this capability in the future, please request email a feature request to